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Reclaim your health through wellness coaching

Our Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching programs can improve your health & reverse lifestyle diseases

Supercharge your diet with clean & healthy food

We offer a variety of exciting whole food plant-based cooking workshops.

Browse through our videos of plant-based recipes

If you're looking for inspiration or need help transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, look no further.

Wellness Through Food & Beyond

Health Consultations, Nutrition Coaching & Workshops


The NEW LIFE SEMINAR is a unique, day-long Health Seminar, by Vinita Contractor, Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach and Founder of Down 2 Hearth.

You will learn how to:

  • Lose weight easily in a healthy & sustainable way
  • Reverse lifestyle diseases
  • Live a life without medicines
Just through changes in NUTRITION and LIFESTYLE...

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Meet Vinita

Vinita Contractor is a Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach who specialises in plant-based nutrition combined with key elements from Nature Cure/Natural Hygiene and other holistic practices to improve physical, mental and spiritual health for a vibrant, disease-free life.

She offers personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching for weight loss, reversal of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and hormonal issues such as PCOD and thyroid as well as autoimmune conditions. She regularly conducts whole food plant-based cooking workshops in Mumbai and other cities in India.
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What We Do

Down 2 Hearth is a passionately-run health transformation and nutrition coaching company, devoted to fostering holistic wellness through food and beyond.

Our mission is to help people lead a healthy life, utilised to its fullest potential.

Our approach is grounded in our passion for healthy eating and conscious living, and hence, we believe in a whole foods plant-based diet
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What our happy clients are saying

I have taken Vinita's 6 week Just Right Program. It was kind of a breakthrough for me. Her approach towards each person is unique so there is no set program, each person is looked after in her unique way. With this program I actually lost 5 kgs, which was a great start within 6 weeks 

Shruti Rane

Right from the 1st consultation to the lovely cooking workshops (including yummy food), Down 2 Hearth experience is a complete blockbuster. Vinita's practical tips combined with her passion for healthy living were awesome.

Vijay Josyula

Vinita's workshops are really eye opening and helpful. Whether you're new to veganism or just simply want to take charge of your health, these are the the classes you definitely should attend.

Naimita Jagasia

I've attended a few workshops conducted by Vinita of Down 2 Hearth, in my quest to adopt healthier dietary habits for myself and for my family. Have to say am glad.

Catherine Morris

Extremely informal and fun healthy treats class ! All the recipients are really simple and well explained ! It was a real eye opener in terms of how simple it is to make the healthy treats in your own kitchen with simple locally sourced ingredients ! Look forward to more from Vinita !

Nikhil M

Attending Vinita's lecture on healthy food habits when she visited Kochi, was an eye opening experience... and me and my wife Sreeja are looking forward to attending more programs under her... we also look forward to visiting her Mumbai center soon.

Dr Prasanth Pillai

Recently during my visit to Mumbai, I came across Vinita's workshop by Down2Hearth on AyurVeda- Ayurveda and Vegan Cooking Workshop. As I have been considering adapting to a vegan lifestyle, I thought of attending this workshop.

Satish Khakhar

On my recent visit to Mumbai, I attended the Ayur vegan cooking workshop and really enjoyed it. Vinita gives an intro of ayurveda and the different foods suitable for the dosha. We made teas for different dosha types and made some delicious food along with that.

Megha Maini

Vinita had a very interacting narrative and engaged the participants. It was easy to understand. I really felt all of us learnt a lot on fermenting that day. We actually made a pressed salad then and there. I would highly recommend Vinita and her classes!

Roopa Virupakshaiah

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