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Vinita's classes are always informative & inspiring. Enjoyed her Fermented Food class too!
I highly recommend attending her sessions if you want to change or alter your eating habits for a more healthy lifestyle. 


Vinita is extremely passionate about heathy cooking. I always had the notion that healthy cooking is extremely boring and tasteless. But the enthusiasm with which Vinita transforms junk delicacies into health food is extremely inspiring. It is only through this workshop that I have learned that healthy breakfast and munchies could not only be absolutely appealing to the eye but also scrumptious at the same time. She introduced me to various new ingredients and their usage. I'm looking forward to attending more of these workshops with Vinita.. 

Lovena Mayekar

It was great connecting with you, you have great knowledge with Smoothies and raw food and fruits. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, we hope to do justice with it. 

Prateik Mehta

Vinita l enjoyed learning new re ipes at your vegan class, especially the chocolate ice cream and the chocolate cheese cake were out of this world!!! 

Umade Kunver

At last I found healthy tasty ways to live as a vegan. Extremely rewarding is my experience of attending their workshop. Minutest details are shared / shown so we can be on our own ...
the biggest reward is becoming part of like minded community. 

Rashmi Iyer

Vinita, amazing recipes for breakfast and snacks ,so easy to make such tasty stuff !  Thanks, really enjoyed the workshop!! 

Rupa Sahni

'The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs but rather will cure and preventdisease with nutrition - Thomas Edison'